Revision of the Finals Schedule

Kylee Nowling

As most of you probably know, the schedule for finals has been changed. Last year, we took finals for four days with two classes a day. Before each class you would have an hour and a half to study and ask your teacher questions, while the other hour and a half would be spent taking the final test. This year, you only have to take finals in your weighted courses (you can see a list of these on page 34 of the agenda). We will only be testing for two days, and the study period before the test has been eliminated. There are several pros and cons of this new schedule for the finals. Head over to our polls, and voice your opinion on the revision of the finals schedule!

Polling opens on DECEMBER 13!

Pros of the new schedule for finals:

  • The finals will be over in two days
  • You only have to take finals in your weighted classes
  • This will better prepare you for college
  • If you have four finals in one day, the teachers are flexible in working to test other days


Cons of the new schedule for finals:

  • You could still have a lot of finals if you take several accelerated classes
  • You could have to test back to back periods
  • You do not have the period before the test to talk with your teacher and study
  • The new schedule could potentially be more stressful if you are in several accelerated classes