Unrealistic expectation of models


Models are an important part of the fashion community. They are the canvas for designers to display their unique pieces. What is shown on social media about models is just a cover. The abuse and trauma that happens behind the scenes leaves these models in a mental state that will stick with them forever.

The criteria’s that must be met to be a model for Victoria’s Secret are: 18-30 years old, in great shape, Have a build of 34-32-34, and be between five feet eight inches and six feet. Next a major agency must sign for the models. Without this step the odds of become an angel are zero. If an agency does sign, the next step is auditions. There are hundreds of women auditioning to receive their very own pair of angel wings. The competition is rough enough, but some people will go under the tables to get what they want.

Once a model gets the title of  an angel, issues begin with their mental health, and physical health. Models must stay within their body measurements otherwise they will be fired and lose their agents. The models accept sexual assault, mental abuse, and eating disorders.  While these issues may only happen in a 12 year time period, the effects will last a lifetime.

High school students may relate to these models in different ways. Everyone wants to feel accepted and wanted. Some people will go to the limits of putting their life in danger to feel this way. Being skinny does not change anything. It may make a person feel better about their self, but in social acceptance, it will stay the same.

Do not change for anyone. Do not allow others to dictate the way someone feels. Do not allow social media to dictate the way bodies are “supposed” to look. What is seen on social media is filters and editing. In real life, no one can hide what they truly look like. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways and it’s important to remind each other of that beauty.