Album Review: Bury Me at Makeout Creek by Mitski

Album Review: Bury Me at Makeout Creek by Mitski

Hannah Whitehead, staff writer

Indie-pop singer, Mitski, is taking the world by storm with her powerful and emotional voice. She writes songs that capture every feeling of love, loss, depression, struggle, etc. I reviewed Bury Me at Makeout Creek, and it is by far one of my favorite albums by her. These are my personal opinions and interpretations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

“Texas Reznikoff”

This song feels like being loved in such a raw and genuine way. It feels like someone cherishing you, although you hate the place where you are, whether that be mentally or physically. You do not want to be anywhere that’s not with them. Their love is warm and refreshing. 


This song feels like a longing to be loved that causes you genuine pain. Nothing is enough so you try to find emotion in everything, whether it be toxic or dangerous. You relate to how intense love and death are. People need more and more from you, but what are you supposed to give when you have nothing? Fathers want their little girls to grow up and find a good man that will take care of them. In the song there’s a line that says, “I’m not gonna be what my daddy wants me to be.” You’re straying away from your home life and working towards what you want to become.  

“First Love / Late Spring”

This song is a roller coaster of emotions. The song starts with sweet sounding words. You feel like you do not deserve their love so you are begging them to leave you before you ruin everything. You would do anything for them no matter what because you need validation from someone. The song mentions maturing too young and not taking anything seriously when you grow older. You do not want to go “home” and be faced with the reality of your life. Reality is not fun, and you try to stop yourself from being faced with it. 

“Francis Forever”

This song feels like you have lost yourself and the only thing that matters to you is being with the person you love. You do not care what anyone else thinks of you because all you need is the person you love’s validation. You should be getting over them but everything you do reminds you of them. There’s a hint of shame but you just need them back and you need their love. 

“I Don’t Smoke”

This song is about needing the familiarity of them so bad that you are willing to do anything for that feeling. The relationship is toxic, but it hurts so good. You just need the company of someone no matter how toxic they are. There is a line in the song where Mitski says, “You can lean on my arm/ as you break my heart.” You give them everything they could ever need, but they give nothing back in return. They hurt you so badly, but you need them. You cannot convince yourself that you can be with someone else. 

“Jobless Monday”

I see this song as a one-sided love and living in the past. The person you love only returns that love when they want something from you. You feel like you’re not enough for them no matter what. You miss when there were still secrets and you did not really know each other. You feel like you have to go out and distract yourself from the clearly toxic relationship you are in 


“Drunk Walk Home”

This song is one of my personal favorites. It feels like a really intense build-up to a really passionate ending. You feel like you are not good enough, so why should you care about anything else. You are in pain and longing for them while trying your hardest to look presentable, but they don’t care. It feels like this song is a huge hit of realization and finally noticing that people do not want you unless it is for their own selfish needs. At the end of the song Mitski is heard screaming into the microphone. It sounds like screaming out all of the pent up anger that has snowballed over time. You are angry that you did not realize earlier that you do not need to live for anyone but yourself. 

“I Will”

I feel like this song is about a love so real and raw that it feels refreshing. You love someone so deeply and so intensely that you are willing to do anything for their happiness. Whether that love be friendship or a relationship, this song is so powerful that it captures those emotions perfectly. 

“Carry Me Out”

This song feels very comforting and soft. You are longing for someone very strongly. Mitski sounds almost monotone in the beginning. The language that she uses in this song is absolutely entrancing. It feels like you are utterly alone and you need someone so intensely. As the song progresses, the intensity and pain magnifies. The dynamic changes along with Mitski’s somewhat monotone voice make the song really great. In all honesty, this is a great song to cry to. 

“Last Words of a Shooting Star”

There is no easy way to describe this song. It feels so real and so intense, but in the most calming way. You feel that dreaming is better than living. You would lie awake and feel like an imposter in your own body, but nobody knew that except yourself. Even the love you had was one-sided and fake. You want people to see you for what you never really were. You want them to believe that you were clean and collected. My favorite line of this song is, “and did you know the liberty bell is a replica/ silently housed in its original walls.” It captures the feeling of not feeling like you belong in your own body. You look in the mirror and see that it is your body, but  you do not recognize the person staring back at you. I genuinely cannot do this song justice because it is so beautiful and contains so much raw emotion. 


  1. Last Words of a Shooting Star
  2. I Don’t Smoke
  3. Drunk Walk Home
  4. Texas Reznikoff
  5. First Love/ Late Spring
  6. Carry Me Out
  7. I Will
  8. Townie
  9. Francis Forever
  10. Jobless Monday