UK v USA battle


Zoe Leigh, Author

Asda is one of the biggest and most popular supermarkets over in the UK (England in specific).

Walmart is one of the biggest and most popular supermarkets here in the USA.

Something that you may not know and most Brits didn’t actually know (including myself), is that Asda went up for sale in 1999 to extend its worldwide coverage and Walmart went into a bidding war with Kingfisher; following this bidding war Walmart ended up winning with a $10.8 million bid.

When I flew over to the USA at the beginning of August to start my exchange year, knowing this information, I expected Walmart to be very similar to how Asda is at home. However, it is significantly different to what I expected.

The first noticeable difference is size. Now America is known for doing everything bigger… celebrations, food, even down to the supermarkets.

It is also¬† a lot easier to bulk buy in the US… In the UK if you like to bulk buy things such as drinks, toilet paper etc, your more likely to shop at the wholesale shop called Costco (which let me tell you is a fun day trip).

Overall I probably think the US wins this war in terms of products and prices. However, appearance and branding I would give the win to the UK as supermarkets are more modern and arguably better branding.