Homecoming Spirit


Samuel Baker, Staff Writer

Are you ready for owl spirit? WE JUST HAD OUR HOMECOMING WEEK, AND TO SAY IT WAS EXCITING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. At first, we were introduced with the bringing back of pep rallies done by the one and only Mr. Perry. Next, our very own student government went on the announcements to advise us of what we should wear to show our school spirit such as dressing yee yee or dressing in our pajamas!!! Then, as classes girls were able to sign up for flag football, and boys were able to sign up for volleyball. The competition was intense. The junior girls absolutely ravaged through everyone in their way, defeating both the sophomore girls and the senior girls showing no mercy. However, the junior boys didn’t have such a blessed fate. They were pulverized by the senior boys losing by as many as 10 points. Finally, to finish our week out was the homecoming king and queen being nomination and a nail-biting football game. After a week of voting, the homecoming king and queen were John Polbito and Olivia Schrink. The crowd went wild. They continued going wild throughout the entire football game as our football team battled Bedford. The game was close but eventually ended with Bedford on top. On the bright side, homecoming was a humongous success and will be remembered for a long time!