Samuel Baker, Author

Graffiti is an art by some and a disease by many. Some might say that it’s wrong no matter the context, however it is a beauty in some forms. So why do so many people hate it?

When the word art is brought up, most people think of the works of Da Vinci or Salvador DalĂ­ but what about when you pass a train station and see the colorful artistic words sprayed onto the train cars? Most look at the picture and automatically let out a sigh, but why can’t we just overlook the canvas and look at the art itself? The reason the train was put there was to deliver packages across the nation. The reason the art was put there was to deliver an idea across the mind and more importantly across the world. The artist who painted their picture risked their well-being for the greater good of this world, whether that be spreading awareness of climate change or just sparking the creativity once forgotten in some people’s minds. Take this artwork for example:

New Banksy appears overnight as climate protests come to a close in London | Euronews

Although this artist might not have had permission to pain this wall, the artwork is to vital spark change and debate about issues at hand. If we became frustrated with the devastation of this wall instead of trying to learn of what the artist was trying to say, then we wouldn’t ever solve any issues in the present. On the contrary, vandalism and graffiti have a thin line between the two, but we must keep an open to mind when we see graffiti like this and not automatically deem it worthy or unworthy. So remember next time you see glossy spray paint on a train, think about the artwork and what the artist is trying to say.