awfultune “I Want to Be Normal”


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

Awfultune is an alternative indie musical artist. He has about 28,690 monthly listeners on Spotify. In February of 2018 he came out with a beautiful album called I Want to Be Normal. The cover art of the album is stunning, but the music itself is breathtaking.

“I want to Be Normal” is the first song on the album. Immediately it hits hard for people who are outcasts and just a shadow in the background. It’s about changing oneself to be like everyone else. To be normal and not different involves dying hair, wearing different clothes, doing anything for normalcy.

“All the Luv In My Sick Heart” is the second song for this album. This song is happier and more upbeat. It involves two people being happy and in love laughing with one another. One person in the relationship doesn’t understand how one person can make him/her so happy and be in love so easily.

“Sweating” is the third song on the album. This is the falling out of the love. The lyrics read, “You were seventeen saying you’d spend the rest of your life with me.” She was so in love with him she didn’t want to wait any longer. But as time passed, he fell out of love. He wanted her gone and no longer a part of his life.

“Liar” is the fourth song in the album. This song is about trust issues with his ex. She lied over and over to him and broke him. He found someone else and wants to move on. He just wants his things back and for her to get out forever.

“Grace” is the second to last song on this album. He hurts himself in the end by cheating. He had an affair with a guy and Grace found out. He feels like he doesn’t recognize anything anymore. He was her everything and she was everything anyone could ever want. He threw it all away over some random guy.

“I’m Too In My Head” is the final song on this album. The singer is constantly overthinking. He messes everything up because he thinks that if he does what he’s supposed to it will never be good enough. When overthinking happens, along comes the anxiety and panic attacks.

Overall, this album is very deep when the lyrics are thought out, but it is an amazing album nonetheless. Many people in high school can relate to this album because every student has either been heartbroken, and or feels as though he/she is part of the background and no one likes him/her. In reality everyone is loved and noticed. Just think positively.