2018-2019 Staff

Kaytlyn Harris

Staff Writer/Photographer

I’m a sophomore here at SHS and this is my first year in newspaper. I enjoy all kinds of bands but my top two favorite bands are Bring Me the Horizon and Panic! at the Disco. On my own time I like doing photography, playing...

Kirby Hill

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore and this is my first year in Newspaper. I joined because I enjoy writing and want to improve my writing skills.

Phoebe Hughel

Staff Writer

I am a Junior this year at Seymour High School. My passions involve makeup, art, ballet, and creating music playlists. I enjoy writing and sharing my opinions with people. If you want to listen to a playlist mine is https://open.spotify.com/user/paris1621/playlist/1ahKNuF09zub5rHiD9qrHz?ai=92D9hUA3R6S-LNQROVuJcw

Chloe Shepherd

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Chloe Shepherd. I am a junior. I like fashion, makeup, and movies. This is my first year on the newspaper staff.

Kylee Nowling


I am a sophomore at SHS and this is my first year with the newspaper. I enjoy writing and am excited to see what this year with The Owl has in store for me!

Matty Wingler

Staff Writer

Junior, 16. I love to write about anything and everything.

Chloe Williams

Staff Writer

I am a junior this year at SHS and it is my second year in newspaper. I enjoy opinion pieces and features. Journalism and writing is just a passion of mine. I am also a JAG student and really enjoy music.

Mrs. Cottrill


Mrs. Cottrill serves as the Adviser for The Owl newspaper 2018-19. Except for editing and teaching writing for her position as an English teacher, she has no prior experience in news writing or journalism unless you count reading ...

Zen Stripling

Guest Contributor

I'm Zen, and I'm one cool dude. I am a 10th grade staff writer for Seymour High School, and becoming the best I can. Thank you for reading about me, I'm also a Yearbook member so check into that too. You can also add me on Instagram...

Collin Bratcher

Staff Writer

I am a senior, I enjoy music and this is my third year in the Owl staff. I love to write political pieces and pessimism is my most prominent feature.

Brandon Terrell

Sports Editor

I am a Senior at SHS, and I play tennis. I go by BT. This is my second year in Newspaper. And I like to write about any and all Seymour High School Sports. Go Owls.

Anna Massengale

Guest Contributor

I am a junior, and I like to read and write especially in cursive. I like to color pictures. This might come as a big shocker to most people but I have 11 siblings, and I am the eighth child. I'm in band, and I love to play the...