2017-2018 Staff

Dustin Morris


Zen Stripling

Staff Writer

I'm Zen, and I'm one cool dude. I am a 10th grade staff writer for Seymour High School, and becoming the best I can. Thank you for reading about me, I'm also a Yearbook member so check into that too. You can also add me on Instagram...

Cheyenne Douglass

Staff Writer

I like to go on mission trips. I travel around the world when I can. I love animals and I'm a senior.

Grace Beach

Staff Writer

I'm a junior this year, and I love theatre and music. I run the technical side of the musicals and I help to run the plays, as well as occasionally acting in them. This is my first year in newspaper, but I've been writing for...

Yessenia Cruz

Staff Writer

I'm a junior Latin student. I like to write about the classes or clubs that help Latin people. I write articles in English and Spanish too so all students can read my articles.  I really love strawberries, and I also like to...

Collin Bratcher

Staff Writer

I am a junior, I enjoy music and this is my second year in the Owl staff. I love to write opinion articles and pessimism is my most prominent feature.

Brandon Terrell

Staff Writer

I am a junior at SHS, and I play two sports. Baseball and Tennis. I go by BT. This is my first year in Newspaper. And I like to write about any and all Seymour High School Sports. Go Owls.

Anna Massengale

Staff writer

I am a sophomore, and I like to read and write especially in cursive. I like to color pictures. This might come as a big shocker to most people but I have 11 siblings, and I am the eighth child. I'm in band, and I love to play...

Chloe Williams

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore, and this is my first year in newspaper. My favorite thing to write is feature stories. I'm 15 years old. In addition to newspaper, I am in marching band and on the bowling team. I plan on majoring in gender therapy...

Phoebe Hughel

Staff Writer

I'm a sophomore this year at Seymour High School. I typically like to write about events that involve the arts, such as musicals, plays, and concerts. I have been in ballet for 12 years, and I plan to do it until I graduate. I...

Megan Smith

Staff writer

I am a junior. This is my second year in Newspaper. Covering holiday activities is one of my favorite things to write about. I love to watch Riverdale, American Horror Story, and Shameless. I love mac n cheese and I am 17. Follo...

Mrs. Leitzman


Welcome to The Seymour Owl Staff page. I am the adviser for the 2017-2018 newspaper course! My favorite section of the newspaper is the Saturday morning comics. I am always looking for more staff writers, photographers, or videographers....