Dear Phoebe: Why am I still single?

Dear Phoebe: Why am I still single?

Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

Many people believe that being in high school automatically means you must get in a relationship. This is completely false. Only two percent of high school sweethearts stay together. This shouldn’t be discouraging because if a relationship is meant to last it will last.

There are many reasons a person can be single. Maybe the right person has not shown up yet. Maybe a person is not ready for a relationship yet. Maybe someone is shy and no one really knows them. No matter the reason, there are steps that need to be taken before getting into a relationship. Being oneself is one of the biggest parts. Acting like someone else will not work out in the long run. The true colors will eventually slip out and a person’s true form will shine through the cracks.

Being single is not always a bad thing. Sometimes being single is what a person needs. It gives a person time to reflect on his/her life. More time is given to do what someone truly wants to do. Meanwhile being in a relationship means there is always someone that will listen, friendships can be just as great. Be thankful for friends and talk to them when needed.

The universe has something in store for everyone. Everyone will eventually find the love of their life. It may take time and patience, but a lifetime of happiness will be worth the wait. The wait can be a day, a week, a month, a year, five years, 10 years, maybe even 15 years. No matter the wait time, everyone has their special someone out there. Never give up. Do not let rejection end the search for love. Keep searching and stay positive.