Dear Matty: Trauma

Matty Wingler, Staff Writer

“Dear Matty,
My traumatizing childhood of being raped my my step father has led me to have trust issues when it comes to the majority of guys. I don’t allow myself to be as close as I would like to be because of fear. I even refuse to date a guy unless I truly trust them. Because of my past it turned me away from taking an interest with guys for the most part. I tend to take an interest in girls and I feel like that is only partly because of my past. I just want to be able to view life normally and be able to go into public without the fear of seeing him. How could I get over this fear of seeing him whenever I go out? Will I ever be able to view life normally?”

I know that being raped is not something that is easy. It’s a very difficult thing to go through and I just want you to know that I have your back in this. When you go in public, think of the person that makes you the happiest. Think of their face when you think of his. Or if it helps, carry pepper spray. That might help you feel safer. A friend of mine, was raped by a guy that she trusted a lot. She went to school with him and had to see him everyday. She would always run away when she seen him and he would just stare at her. Eventually she stopped acting scared, she acted unafraid, even though she wasn’t, and he stopped staring at her, he left her alone, and her act became real. She wasn’t afraid anymore. I hope one day you’ll be able to do the same!