Chloe Shepherd, Staff Writer

Promposals have become really popular over the past few years. What are promposals? They are proposals from a girl or boy to a prospective prom date. Promposals can range from extravagant to very simple. Some people like the really extravagant ideas, but some people think they’re too much. Some people expect to be asked to prom in an extra way, so they are disappointed when they are just asked by a note. Typically boys are the ones doing the promposing, but of course, girls can ask too.

How do you decide the way you’re going to prompose? Well, there’s not really a clear answer. You can base your idea on the interests of your prospective date. Does your date play softball? Ask her by writing “Prom?” on a softball. Is your date really into video games? Ask her by incorporating video games in it. Does your date like music? Ask him by singing a song. Another way to figure out an idea for proposing is based on your interests. If you are really into art, you could draw your prospective date a picture and ask. If you are into music and just happen to be in a quartet, you and your friends could sing and ask all your dates to prom at once.

There’s no right or wrong way to ask someone to prom. I’m sure your prospective prom date will just be happy with being asked. Also, if you are already in a relationship, don’t just assume you are going to prom with them. Trust me, your significant other wants to be promposed to! Promposals are a great way to show your prospective prom date that you really want to go to prom with them. You can get ideas for promposals on Pinterest and other social media platforms. SHS’s prom is April 26th, so you still have some time to figure out your promposal!