The Importance of Aerie


Chloe Shepherd, Staff Writer

American Eagle has a daughter company, Aerie. Aerie is an athletic wear, swimsuit, and intimate apparel retailer. Aerie markets their clothes to 15-25 year-old women. There is something special about Aerie, though. Aerie markets their clothing to every girl.

Different companies tend to only market to a certain type of girl with a certain type of body. Aerie doesn’t do that. Aerie has sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, like their parent company American Eagle.  Not only does Aerie offer varying sizes for different girls, it doesn’t edit their promotional photos. Aerie has made it their mission to not photoshop or edit their models. Their mission, #AerieREAL, is to empower women to love their real selves. Aerie has been retouching-free since 2014. Their promos feature plus-size women, women with disabilities, sexual assault survivors, and women that look like you and me.

Why is Aerie important? Companies that market only to certain body types makes other people feel left out and like they’re not good enough. Also, the constant airbrushing of models only leads to body issues in the common people, especially young girls. Most promotional shots with airbrushed models are targeted towards women. The average woman has the pant size of 12-16, but the average model has the pant size of 0-4. To me, that’s not fair to young girls and women. The media feeds them lies to make them buy their products, but Aerie doesn’t do that. They show women of all sizes, and they don’t airbrush them. Aerie is representing every type of women, and that really hasn’t been done before. That’s why Aerie is important.

You can find Aerie on Instagram, @aerie, and on Twitter, @Aerie. They also have their own website where you can shop. Most American Eagles have an Aerie store in them, but they also have their own stores in certain locations. I highly recommend checking out Aerie and learning about their mission.