Inside Area 51

Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

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Area 51 has had many conspiracies created over the past 60 years; anything from secret military equipment, to aliens, to UFOs, all spectrums have been covered. This topic has been part of many conspiracies as early as the 1940s.

Area 51 is located about 90 miles from Las Vegas, and is a restricted area. Many reporters have noticed that the moment someone steps close to the restricted area, a white van will pull up and two men in camo will step out and begin recording. This is all used to make sure no one is trying to steal top secret military information. Meanwhile, others believe the government is using this to track down those who get close to the gate to kill them.

Around World War II, areas around Area 51 were being used to test atomic weapons. Area 51 has been conducting secret military experiments since the 1950’s The government has denied this for years, saying nothing was going on in Area 51. “The toxic fallout should have been enough to deter any spies from entering the area, However, in order to ensure secrecy and security, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered a no-fly zone over Groom Lake in 1955. Three years later, in 1958, he officially declared 60 square miles of the area nonexistent. The first top-secret project to be proven here was the U-2 spy plane. At the time, this spy plane was the highest-flying aircraft, capable of flights up to 70,000 feet high. Unfortunately, the U-2 wasn’t high-flying enough. In May 1960, the Soviet Union fired a missile at the U-2 and downed it. The plane was recovered and examined with the Soviets finding a high-powered camera with photos of their missile sites on-board the aircraft. The U.S. government tried to cover up the incident, referring to the U-2 as a weather research plane. Though the truth about the U-2 soon came out, the government still denied the official existence of Area 51,” according to Gerry Himmelreich, a conspiracy theorist. Many people knew that this was false because aircraft such as 737’s were visible from behind the gate.

Another theory is that Area 51 is doing testing on aliens and their UFOs. One of Area 51’s previous workers told the public that nine UFOs were being hidden in Area 51 and they were being deconstructed to see their technology. When staying in a hotel, a resident named Sweetman noticed something that looked like 737s flying through the sky to nowhere. “On a trip to Las Vegas in 2004, observing from my eastfacing hotel room in the pyramidal Luxor Hotel at daybreak, I watched a fleet of six unmarked 737s make commuter flights to nowhere. These aircraft depart every weekday morning from a tidy, anonymous terminal on the western side of McCarran International Airport. A long line of cars pours into a 1,600-spot parking lot as the jets pull away from the terminal, taxi to the runways, and head out into the desert sky. At the end of the day, the shuttle flights return and the lot empties. The passengers go home and tell their families nothing about what happened at work that day.” (Sweetman, 72). Then that July, a presentation was shown of a ship that looked like a B-2 bomber’s chick. Putting these all together they are linked to the military base known as Area 51. Unmanned vehicles have become bigger into the white world from the black world. UAVs have been tested, some may have even been armed. These are believed to be tested at Area 51. Another shipped name Aurora (leaked in 1985) flies at least five times the speed of sound, and the government has been wanting it for a very long time. These types of “ships” have been tested and experimented with as early as the 1980s.

In 1947, there was an UFO crash that Veteran UFO researchers examined. They noticed that there was efforts to cover this crash up which led to secrets being revealed. This secrets take place in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which is located in Ohio. “Veteran UFO researchers Carey and Schmitt examine the 1947 crash of a mysterious craft in the New Mexico community of Roswell, and they assert that efforts to cover up the event actually extends to secrets housed at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. Paul Boehmer approaches his narration duties with precise pronunciation. He also provides emotional depth in his renderings of the more personal accounts found in the narrative–most notably that of a base secretary who kept her experiences secret until she was plagued by pangs of conscience as an elderly woman. However, the bulk of the performance consists of straightforward narration, and Boehmer’s approach–while always competent–sometimes feels overly technical and monotone.” (Publishers Weekly, 52). The government has tried to hide these secrets for so long. Even with physical evidence, they still deny there being any UFOs or aliens on Earth.

Area 51 has been known to have many conspiracy theories, and these are just a few. When it comes down to thinking about the theories and ideas about Area 52 having aliens and UFOs being examined and deconstructed, it all truly makes sense.