2019 O’fest Popular Foods

Class of 2020

Pommes Frites

“Every year at the Oktoberfest, I go to the Enter His Courts booth to buy some pommes frites, or French fries. They are fried in oil and lightly salted before being served to the customer. They come with a variety of dipping sauce choices and are guaranteed to make you come back for more!” -Harrison Cottrill

Cinnamon Roll

My lovely Mom bought me a cinnamon roll with the homemade icing and every bite I took I could feel the diabetes develop in my body.” -Conner Ellis

Class of 2021


One of the best tastes of Oktoberfest is the renowned rueben served by Psi Iota Xi. With the sweet taste of sauerkraut, corn beef and thousand island dressing all mixed together, just one bite explodes in your mouth. When talking to a lady at the booth, she mentioned where the profit goes from what they make. “We offer band and choir scholarships, and it also goes to help with programs at the Public Library.” -Mallory Moore

Walking Taco

Throughout the years, my mom and I have always gone to the Walking Taco stand.  The booth that used to sell Walking Tacos was not there this year, and Brooklyn Pizza is now selling them.  Ever since Brooklyn Pizza has taken over, the tacos are not as flavorful. Even though the Walking Tacos aren’t as good as they used to be, it is still by far my favorite food sold at the Oktoberfest.” -Avery Ragon

Mini Donuts

“The booth Southern Indiana Hispanic Services was very popular at the Oktoberfest this year. They sold donut holes that could be covered in either cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, and you could also get hot chocolate for very cheap. I always make sure to get these every year. 40 donuts later… I can say that they are my favorite thing to eat at Oktoberfest.” -Grace Skaggs

Class of 2022

Fire Kissed Pizza

At the Oktoberfest, Fire-Kissed Pizza was a popular stand. For just $9, you could get a handcrafted pizza that took 90 seconds to bake. They provided many choices and you could pick your own toppings. I got my usual, cheese pizza. The crust was light and airy and the cheese was gooey and stretchy. I was very surprised about the quality of the pizza. I will definitely be going back next year!” -Camryn Sterling

Apple Dumpling

Every year at the Oktoberfest, I get an apple dumpling from Zion Lutheran Church and School’s booth. Apple dumplings are sold with or without ice cream, but my personal favorite is with ice cream.” -Audrey Wiggam


“Sati Babis are considered an Oktoberfest favorite. Every year I make sure that I get at least one. Although there are a variety of delicious foods sold there, sati babis are for sure my favorite.” -Kendrick Sterling

Sirloin Tips

Every year at the Oktoberfest I get the sirloin tips with mashed potatoes. There are lots of good foods at the Oktoberfest, but sirloin tips are my favorite.” -Lillie Wessel

Firefighter Tenderloin

For the past few years, I’ve always gotten a tenderloin sandwich from the Firefighter’s booth at Oktoberfest. It’s a delicious tenderloin, and you can customize your sandwich to fit your likes and wants. The ingredients, which include: lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise, compliment the meat nicely and makes for a great sandwich!” -Carson Carpenter

Pizza Boats

The pizza boats by The Pizza Bread Guys is a popular food at the Oktoberfest each year. Coming in cheese, sausage, and pepperoni, the pizza was rich in flavor and caused the customer to come back for more.” -Casey Regruth