How Unhealthy is Festival Food?

Mackenzie Pyle, Staff Writer

It’s no surprise that the Oktoberfest is known for its wide variety of food trucks and meal choices. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a filling meal, there’s sure to be something to satisfy you. Though obviously expensive, how much do these foods cost health-wise?

To provide a visualization, I gathered information on calories for typical Oktoberfest/festival food:

Deep fried Oreo (5): 615 calories

Sirloin with mashed potatoes: 206 calories

Pulled pork sandwich: 532 calories

Pork shish kebab (5): 1035 calories

Lemonade (24 oz): 297 calories

Funnel cake: 263 calories

Soft serve ice cream: 382 calories

Most festival food is expected to be unhealthy, though with all the walking around, it shouldn’t take long to burn the calories off!