Think Of A World With No Textbooks!

Ellie Cornn, Staff Writer

Think of a world with no textbooks! Honestly, it is not that difficult because the truth is that a textbook-free world is not too far out into the future. Getting rid of textbooks means saving trees, and saving trees is good for us and the environment, right? Why don’t we just forget about textbooks altogether and wipe them out from all schools everywhere? Is turning to technological learning better?

There are many reasons of why we keep textbooks around. First off, many schools keep textbooks for things like math, reading, science, and history because the books plans and directs the course itself. It is easier on the teacher because the lesson is already set and stone and comes with it’s own guided questions and activities based on grade standards.Textbooks also lead to more concentration while learning. With textbooks, opposed to chromebooks, focus can centered on something that is tangible instead of being on a device that has many distractions. Also, a good textbook can help a student comprehend more, remember more, and learn more. Studying using technology can degrade a student’s vocabulary and grammar use over time. Nowadays, when a word is misspelled or a sentence is a run-on, the computer can fix it with just a click, but the concept of grammar is not fully understood.

I know the use of textbooks in schools across the world is decreasing because of the new technological advancements in learning devices, but should textbooks really just disappear? Call me old fashioned, but I think keeping textbooks around at schools, at least for now, isn’t such a bad idea.