Teaching to Adminstrating; The Changes


Kelan Yates, Staff Writer

Teaching, alone, can be a tough job. Going from teaching to an administrator can be even tougher. Here at SHS, we have a very special person who went through this exact experience, Mr. Greg Prange. Mr. Prange began his career as a science teacher, and only a few years ago, moved to the role of principal. How did this all come about?

Prange started off by stating that being in the school system for a solid 15 years before moving to principal was a big help, being that he already knew the building, the staff, and almost all of the students. This made transitioning so much easier, as he was not coming into a full change. However, being a principal is not what he dreamed of as a child, but a door opened and he took the opportunity when it came.

Prange continued the conversation by stating that, as a teacher, he had to be prepared for class everyday. For a few years, he was also a coach, a student, a painter, a dad, and a county councilman. As a principal, we are not aware of what challenges may come up, said Prange, but being surrounded by such a loving community, and fellow coworkers, makes it so much easier.

One of the hardest challenges for Mr. Prange was not being able to hold as many bonds with students as he had been able to. Instead of being surrounded by students everyday, he is surrounded by administrators, and adults. He still does his best to create bonds with students, and gift a smile when possible. Many times, as kids are making their way throughout their high school journey, Prange realizes he once taught their parents.

However as a teacher and a principal, one thing has stayed the same: seeing those kids walk out of the gym as graduated students is an experience he will never forget, and always appreciate.

¨Kids are still kids. Society has changed.¨ -Greg Prange