Should there be limits to Freedom of Speech?

Norah Campbell, Student Editor

The definition of freedom of speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. Everyone has this right and is entitled to it completely. However, it can be dangerous and rather very hateful. 

Protests can be very helpful and eye opening for many people of the opposing argument. The reason for a protest is to publicly make your opinion known, maybe to convince someone to change their thoughts on the topic. This can be done in a very peaceful and moderate way like a sit-in or a boycott. This type of freedom of speech is the right way to express how you feel and your Freedom of Speech. Depending on the person, emotions can get the best of us and we express our judgment in the wrong way like a riot or mob violence. 

With this information, we go back to the question once again. Should there be limits to freedom of speech? If you think about it, there already is. Protesters are not allowed to state their opinion in an aggressive or intimidating manner or else it will be shut down by authorities. Peaceful protests like public speeches and posters and calm ways like that are completely allowed. In conclusion, there are many ways to communicate your freedom of speech before it gets to where it needs to be limited.