Top Chicken Breeds for Backyard Keeping


Theo, Marketing and Photography

With the price of eggs rising recently, many have gone to keeping chickens for personal egg use. I currently have six chickens, three White Leghorns (good egg-layers but not good for beginners) and three Plymouth Rocks (one is a rooster, whose name is Taco).  Here is a list of breeds for beginner keeping for egg laying.


Rhode Island Reds

Color: Rust- Darker Browns

Characteristics: This breed is very friendly if socialized but can be skittish, very nosy and escape artists

Eggs Per Year: 300, Brown, Large

Overall, a very pretty and easy breed to raise for eggs.


Plymouth Rocks

Color: Soft Black, Grey, and White Barred Feathers

Characteristics:  A quiet breed that is good with children

Egg Per Year: 200, Brown, Large

Personally one of my favorite beginner breeds, great roosters if you decide to get one.



Color: Variety of colors

Characteristics: These are calm, fluffy, tend to go broody but makes a great mother if you decide to hatch chicks, and some love to be held

Egg Per Year: 200-280, Light Brown, Large

Good breed for friendly hens and a rainbow in your coop.



Color: Brown, Buff, Coronation, Light, Red, Silver, Speckled and White

Characteristics: This breed is curious, chatty, gentle. They deal well with the cold but also happy with the heat, are comfortable with being free range or confined space. A con is that they frequently goes broody in the warmer months.

Egg Per Year: 250, Brown, Tan, Cream, Large

Very versatile breed with a variety of colors.



Color:  Buff, Dark, Light

Characteristics: A large breed that is fairly quiet and cold hardy. Due to their size they require more space than other breeds and can be aggressive to other animals.

Egg Per Year: 200, Brown, Large

If you want a bigger breed Brahmas are the one for you.


All chickens need to be socialized when young to human interaction. Whatever breed you choose to raise, make sure to do your research to find the perfect breed for your backyard.