Garcia battles Davis in the boxing ring


Landon Jones, Staff Writer

On April 22nd at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Premier Boxing champions Gervonta ‘The Tank’ Davis (28-0) and Ryan ‘The Flash’ Garcia (23-1) battled it out for 7 total rounds. The battle ended with a TKO. 

The two fighters walked out around 11:00 pm Saturday night getting prepared for the long anticipated battle. In one corner stood Davis at 5’5 ½” feet, 135 pounds, and a reach of 67 ½” inches. In the other corner was Garcia standing 5’8½” feet, 135½ pounds, and a reach of 70”  inches. The rules of the fight are No 3 knockdown rule, only the referee can stop the fight, the fighter cannot be saved by the bell in any round, and the fight is official after round 4. 

In round one both fighters started off light with just jabbing at one another. Round 2 Garcia threw the first punches at Davis and he responded by grappling onto Garcia to break his timing. Then, while weaving past Garcia’s attacks, Davis uppercut him, knocking him down in an instant and giving him an upper hand. The next 4 rounds were the same, but Davis kept hitting Garcia in a weak spot, the liver.

For round 7 Davis had predicted beforehand this would be the round Garcia would go down. In the beginning of this round the fight started to not look good for Davis as he is backed into a corner being beaten on by Garcia until he grappled him once again to break timing. Davis was almost backed up again until he landed a straight jab onto Garcia both now starting to trade strikes with some landing and some missing each other. Garcia went for a left hook, but Davis weaved out of the way and landed a liver punch into Garcia forcing him to take a knee ending the fight by TKO. 

The aftermath of this match both were humble about winning and losing. Davis said, “Definitely one of, if not the best fighter I have gone up against” about Garcia and their fight. Garcia talked about his loss humbly and with no disrespect saying, “I got impatient and lost my control. I was close to getting back up, but I got no excuses. I couldn’t get up.” To many this fight was amazing with even one person online saying, “If fighters fought each other in their prime like Garcia and Tank, boxing would explode in popularity again. Well done to both.”  

Source:DAZN Boxing