Six ways not to die of stress during your junior year


Brooke Aryn Knieriem, Staff Writer

For many, being a junior is very stressful. We have more and harder work than most of the other grades, and we’re pressured to start thinking about what we’re supposed to do with the rest of our lives. While it is well and good to know what direction you want to go before you get going, it’s also important to take time to relax and chill out. Here are a few ways that you can do that while also keeping your schedule in tact.

  • Listen to a podcast.

Whether it’s a fantasy story, romance, sci-fi, or just a conversation, podcasts are a great way to relax without taking too much time out of your day. You can listen to one while working and it only requires your phone and a pair of headphones.  Welcome to Night ValeStuff You Should Know, and The Mortified Podcast are three  recommended for teen listeners. 

  • Go on a walk.

A walk through the park, around your neighborhood, or through the woods is a perfect way to get a breath of fresh air before getting back to work. If you want to incorporate exercise into this, don’t walk; jog!

  • Make something.

Whenever I’m stressed, I tend to bake.  One of my friends makes clay figurines when they want to relax, another knits and crochets, one of them even choreographs dances to their favorite songs. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated; it just has to be something.

  • Read.

Yes, yes, I know I sound like your English teacher right now, but reading will do you some good. Much like podcasts, you can listen to whatever kind of book you’d like and read just about anywhere. You can start discussions with others reading the same book or series and relax by those means as well.

  • Write…

in a journal, on a sticky note, in your notes app, anywhere. Don’t just bottle up your emotions inside and let them fester until you explode in a fiery ball of teenage angst. 

  • Call a friend.

You honestly don’t even have to talk with some people. You can just call them and leave them on in the background while you work or exercise or whatever. I find that I usually do better at tasks when I have someone else there keeping me accountable for my actions. 

Consider using these six possible outlets to de-stress through so you won’t shrivel up into a ball of junior year anxiety. Of course, there are countless other ways to relax instead. Should you have any other methods of relaxation that you’d like to share, please send them to The Owl. We could all use some good advice right now.