The spring slump: senioritis

Seniors everywhere are finding themselves dwindled of their scholarly motivation.

The spring slump: senioritis

Lucy Williams, Staff Writer

What is “senioritis?”

According to Oxford Dictionary, senioritis is “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

A failure to turn in assignments, tardies to classes, and an all-around decline in school work are common symptoms of senioritis. People struggling with this “illness” often find themselves at a loss for motivation.

The inside scoop.

According to the Seymour Owl’s own senior writing staff, senioritis is a very real and afflicting mental struggle.

“I’ve been suffering from senioritis since like, sophomore year,” says senior Caley Monnier. She continued to talk about the spring struggle, saying, “I mean, I’m getting all A’s, but I feel like I’m more resilient to getting bad grades. I’ll get a pretty bad grade on something, and be like, oh well- that’s life!”

Elizabeth Rust also spoke on behalf of her own experiences, saying, “Everything sucks. I don’t really wanna be here anymore, and I kind of wish I did work-based learning. I just don’t care about anything academically near as much. Senioritis definitely gets worse the further into senior year I get.”

Senioritis affects more than just kids.

Senioritis not only affects students, but it also weighs down on staff.

Mr. Hunt, SHS’s AP government teacher, shared his opinions, saying, “You know, I give 110 percent throughout the entirety of the year. Now, does that drop down to 109 percent in May? Maybe! I think it’s just a natural thing- whether you’re a student or a teacher.”

To listen to Mr. Hunt’s full interview, click HERE.