King Charles III receives crown in coronation ceremony


Emma Braman, Staff Writer

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla were crowned Saturday, May 6, in an extravagant ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey. 

Coronations have been held at London’s Westminster Abbey for 900 years. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the first ever coronation to be televised, making history. It was watched by 27 million people in the United Kingdom alone, with even more audiences around the world. 

Many different faces were in attendance, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, celebrities like actress Emma Thompson, musician and artist Lionel Richie, and even Prince Harry appeared at the event, despite recent drama with the Royal family. 

It has been 70 years since Queen Elizabeth was crowned as queen, only being 27 years old. The coronation service lasted almost three hours, and is split into six parts: the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture (including the crowning), the enthronement, and the homage. Prince Charles witnessed his mother’s coronation, not knowing that 70 years later, he would be in the same position as her.