The beach with ghostly sailboats

Photo not taken by me, taken from Wikipedia

Photo not taken by me, taken from Wikipedia

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

Whihala Beach, located in one of the most Northwestern points in Indiana, Whiting, overlooking Lake Michigan and even featuring some glimpses of Chicago. Despite seeming like the average laketown, Whiting is home to some unexplainable paranormal occurrences. 

According to Haunted Places, “some say that at Whihala Beach at night, you can see and hear phantom sailboats and apparitions of folks swimming and playing with inner tubes in old fashion bathing suits.” These occurrences could be explained by drownings, which were common when the beach wasn’t patrolled by lifeguards. The Great Lakes don’t exactly have riptides, however they have something incredibly similar called rip currents. Rip currents are just as deadly as the standard oceanic riptide, as they kill beach visitors every year. This, and the typical drownings that occur on beaches could explain the abundance of spirits said to be on this beach. Whihala Beach gets rip current warnings quite often, as they just had an advisory last summer. According to The Times of Northwest Indiana, twenty two people have drowned near Whihala Beach just from rip currents alone within the last year. 

This beach with phantom sailboats is definitely an interesting destination for paranormal enthusiasts. Even if there are no ghostly visitors, Whihala Beach attracts a large population of tourists for it’s proximity to The Windy City and beautiful views of Lake Michigan.




Whihala Beach