Dark Souls review


Apollo Ollmann, Staff Writer

Dark Souls is one of the most prolific video games of the past era. Its influence on the video game landscape can still be felt today in games such as Hollow Knight, Nioh, and Blasphemous. The gameplay of Dark Souls is its most important concept, with its emphasis on weighty combat and quick reaction times causing it to be one of the most impactful gameplay experiences of all time. There are many different options of characters that can be played as well. Some options are an absolute powerhouse that can tank attacks and deal a massive amount of damage, a wizard that casts spells from afar to defeat their foes, and a pyromancer that can burn the enemies to a crisp. 

While the gameplay is great, Dark Souls is most known for its tough challenge. The game spikes in difficulty many times throughout the runtime. Without a difficulty option, some players may feel that the game will be too hard for them. I like the exclusion of an easier option, though. Some areas are easier that others, but some levels are just torture to go through. Some of the most infamously hard areas are Sen’s Fortress, The Catacombs, and Tomb of the Giants. These levels have some of the most bogus designs ever and include the most awful traps and horrible enemy placement in the game. Even though these moments feel misguided, it absolutely adds to the mystique of the game’s world. 

Another big part of this game is the story. The way Dark Souls tells its story is very unconventional. Instead of giving all the story in cutscenes or character moments, it forces the player to find out the story through reading item descriptions and looking around at the landscape. A main part of the story is humanity. Throughout the game the player meets characters that exclaim that going hollow is a bad fate and that they would do anything to stay human. Unfortunately, many characters end up going hollow because they give up on their true purpose and fall into despair.  

Dark Souls is an absolute marvel to play through. With its rich world building and fascinating combat, it really does earn its prestige as one of the most influential games of the past decade. I would recommend this game to anyone that would want a tough challenge and are willing to sit through some annoying parts. Overall, this game is a 10 out of 10 masterpiece.