The AP test presents problems


Harrison Wetzel, Staff Writer

As one knows, AP courses are the most rigorous classes to take in high school. They’re ranked a level four class at Seymour High School and aren’t even administered by the state of Indiana. Instead, they’re administrated by their own group known as College Board. But, they always pose a major problem, the exams.

Typically, the AP exams take place in early May, but 4Seymour schools don’t wrap up till late May. So, with AP classes this essentially leaves a two week void. AP teachers will have already taught all the course material by the test date, but as with any weighted class they must give a final, too, which leaves teachers in a giant dilemma. Does one just review for two weeks? Does one do nothing? Does one continue to teach extra material? And these “solutions” are all portrayed differently by each teacher which can cause a student’s schoolwork to take drastic shifts at the last moment.

So, what might be the definite solution? The solution is pretty simple, don’t make AP classes have to take finals the last two days. Obviously, these courses need a final exam through the high school, but push those exams up earlier. Students are left to test once, forget everything in two weeks, and test again. And that system just doesn’t favor students very much. AP classes are already treated differently, so there’s no harm in pushing the final for them sooner as well.