Rockin’ Red Ribbon Week


Phoebe Hughel

October 22-28, 2017 Seymour High School celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon week is a week where students and faculty are educated on drugs and how to say no to them. To raise awareness for the campaign, students at SHS were invited to come to the Media Center to decorate a rock. The rocks will be placed in an agricultural design near the administration building. The rocks represent Seymour High School students commitment to remaining drug free! 

Some students have been offered drugs, and that is where peer pressure comes in. Senior Elliott Hughel  says this, “I didn’t have the need or want to get high, so I said no when I was offered.” As many people know, different drugs have different effects. Red Ribbon Week spreads the message that students should always deny drugs. Drugs have ruined many people’s lives and they are easy to get addicted to. 

Those who start using drugs do it for many different reasons. Some do it because of peer pressure, while others just need an escape. There are different ways to get help that does not involve drugs. Drugs typically do not help, they just cause more issues such as losing family, friends, getting arrested, and wasting money. Some people say that it does help and it isn’t a waste, but it will eventually cause physical issues and possibly emotional and mental issues as well. A hotline for drug abuse is 1-877-607-6676.

Some students like sophomore Cesar Lopez have not been offered drugs, “No, I have not been offered drugs, and I’m lucky I haven’t because I don’t know what would happen in that type of situation.” Most students have gone through the D.A.R.E. program and have been taught how to say no, but some people may not have gone through it, or do not remember how the appropriate way to say no is. To tell someone who is offering drugs no, say “No” and give a reason. Whether it be, “I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my family.” or “I don’t want to get in trouble with the law” any reason is good as long as it is true.