The most haunted house in Indiana

Photo taken from The Indy Star

Photo taken from The Indy Star

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

The city of Gary, Indiana is notorious for its crime-ridden reputation, proximity to Chicago, and oddly, its paranormal activity. Many speculate that an abundance of violent crimes in Gary accounts for this alleged supernatural hotspot. It’s understandable that a location historically named “America’s murder capital” would have such a dark connotation to it. However, there is one specific location that could send chills down anyone’s spine. 

The “Demon” House:

Latoya Ammons purchased the home in 2011, moving in with the rest of her family as a hope to settle down comfortably. Ironically, the Ammons family was faced with one of the most bizarre and hectic experiences of their lives. The activity began with black flies that persisted into the home, and the family could not get rid of them no matter what they tried. This may seem like a common coincidence of bug infestation, but an abundance of flies is often associated with paranormal activity and death. From that point on, the activity persisted and manifested into something eerie. Latoya claimed she started seeing shadowy figures soon after the fly incident, and heard unexplainable noises coming from the basement. Soon after, everyone in the house began to act strangely. 

Odd Behavior & The Physician

Latoya’s family acted strangely after these events, and a friend even claimed that her daughter was levitating. The young boy would often thrash around and scream. Concerned with the behavior of her family, Latoya called in a physician for a second opinion. The physician had no doubts that their behavior was strange, but he had his doubts about paranormal activity being responsible for it. His concern caused a police visit to the home, and the children were given medical attention for their strange actions. The physician was skeptical about paranormal activity influencing their behavior, and attributed it to mental illness more. Multiple exorcisms were performed in the home after the Ammons family still struggled with the circumstances. 

Whether or not there’s a correlation between their behavior and a poltergeist or “demonic” entity, the home has sparked curiosity. A documentary was made later on that drew attention to the home and its alleged “demonic” inhabitants