Put some “PEP” in your step!

Grace Beach, Staff Writer

On October 30, the SHS Pep Club went public. Sponsored by Mr. Tim Perry and lead by one male and female representative from each grade level, Pep Club is dedicated to promoting school spirit, not just in the sports department, but throughout the entire school, including but not limited to arts programs, academic teams, and clubs. The club also seeks to bring the school closer together rather than being divided into cliques and separate groups.

Noticing the school’s spirit seemed a bit lacking, Perry decided to take action. “Do you have pep in your step?” he began his announcement on Thursday morning, asking students to join the club with a representative at the snack bar during any and every lunch. All throughout the next week, students signed up at lunch to join the club, and more are still signing up today. Upon signing up, members receive a copy of the school song to have for themselves.

The Pep Club’s mission statement reads as follows: “The Seymour High School Pep Club will be responsible for promoting school spirit.  The Pep Club will be open to all S.H.S. students interested in helping to promote school spirit.”

The club is open to any student who wants to join and will be open for the rest of the year. Pep club isn’t just for athletics, it’s for any school related activity. Choir, Band, Theatre, Spell Bowl, Math League, Photography Club, and all activities will be supported by Pep Club, and hopefully,  putting some pep in students’ step and bringing the entire school together.

To sign up go see Mr. Perry in room 215 or contact one of the representatives from each grade level. If you don’t know your representatives, Mr. Perry has a list of the leaders.