Photography Club Starts at SHS

Megan Smith, Staff Writer

November 15, 2017 Seymour High School launched a photography club. Students that go to Seymour High School have the opportunity to join the club. Senior Dustin Morris, the student leader of photography club, had some information to share about the group:

Q:Why did you want to start photography club?

A: I wished that our school had a photography class. I love photography; it is a very intimate hobby of mine. So I did the next best thing, and brought photography to the students with a club. I hope it does develop into a class eventually. That would be really cool!

Q:What kind of activities do you have planned for photography club?

A:I plan on talking about many aspects of photography, the technical aspects of photography, the more interesting framing and composition aspects of it, to even heading together on and off campus to photograph different subjects. Then we could present our photos to each other and work with constructive criticism.

Q:How many students are joining?

A:It started with about seven members including myself.  By our first meet, we received about twice as many people. We’re currently up to about 12 members.


Q:Do you need to have a camera to join?

A:One doesn’t directly need a camera to participate, but in order to get the full effect of the class, it is recommended that you have one. For example, we currently have photographers who shoot full time on their smartphones. So we don’t discriminate due to camera type.


Q:What do you hope to accomplish?

A:I hope to better the photographers around me and develop a photographic community at the high school. I personally thought we would have a very small crowd, and I guess we do, but it’s double the size I thought it would be. I hope that it continues to thrive and grow providing a new social organization for those around me.


The photography club meets every Wednesday during Power Hour A in room 319. The leader, Dustin Morris, does not personally have a photography page or website but says that “There are those of us involved that do post images on their social media pages.” There are hopes to photograph off campus at some point so if you are into pictures and maybe want a career involving photography, go check out the club!