Stop the Cyber Bullying


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

According to on October 4, 2016, over 87% of teenagers have witnessed cyber bullying. Social media can be very useful and amazing at times, other times, things like cyber bullying happen. Suicide has increased immensely since social media started. Teens typically post pictures of themselves on social media, and sometimes the feedback is negative. This negative feedback can cause them to be depressed and want to change how they look.

Some teenagers, even adults, think it is OK to say cruel things to others if it makes them feel better . It does not matter how bad someone’s life is, cyber bullying should not be a way for anyone to feel better about themselves. Words can affect many people, and once they are said they can never be taken back. Words have so much power behind them. They can make one person go from having an amazing day to crying and feeling like there is no one who cares about them. Words can change everything in someone’s life.

Even students at Seymour High School have been cyber bullied. Freshman, Bryanna Bailey says this about her experience, “It changed the way I acted. I quit talking to most people and shut people out of my life.” No one should have to change who they are because of others. Change can be a good thing, but in this situation it was not for the better. This also caused relationships to end. Cyber bullying doesn’t only affect the victim, it affects the people in the victim’s life.

Sophomore, Jacob Bowman was not a victim of cyberbullying, but he saw what cyberbullying could do to someone that he is close to. This is his advice for victims of cyberbullying, “Tell a parent or teacher. Don’t use things like Sarahah or other social media platforms to attempt to get either positive or negative attention, like my sister did. No matter how many nice things are said by friends, the bad will outweigh the good.” Negativity can change a person. At any opportunity, bring positivity to someone who needs it. One positive comment can make someone’s day and give them a small push to stay positive and change for the better.