Practice Positivity

Practice Positivity

Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

The definition of positivity is the practice of being or having the tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Being positive is not an easy thing to do or be, but it is something that can help someone become a tremendously more positive person. Many people tend to be negative when they are in a bad place, but even having the smallest hint of positivity can change someone’s feelings and actions very quickly.

People are always told to stay positive, but it is easier said than done. During a fight with a close friend, heartbreak, or depression, it is very hard to try to look for the positive in any given situation. Junior Christian Lawhead says, “I stay positive by thinking of anything good in my life.” Even during the roughest of times there is some form of positivity in a situation. When something bad happens to someone, it feels like the worst thing when perhaps it could have been something that needed to happen in order for the person to grow stronger.

Staying positive does not only benefit the inherently positive person, it can benefit  the people around them. Sophomore Kelsey Hagan says, “You should stay positive because if you only see and think dark then that will be the only things you can do and be able to see until you open yourself up to the light.” Positivity makes everything in life brighter and lighter. Life is just all around better when there is positivity.

Always remember that even though life may not be going the way that it should, stay positive. Bad days are going to happen, but there is always a rainbow after a storm. Positivity makes a person bloom in a beautiful flower that attracts other people to want to be just as beautiful as that flower. Encourage others to be a flower in the sunlight so they grow to be healthy and beautiful into an amazing person. Always remember that there is love even when it doesn’t feel like there is. Life is going to be hard, but everything in life has meaning. The bad days mean more than people think.