Nutcracka’ lackin on anything but talent.

Grace Beach, Staff Editor

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On Sunday, December 17, the Dancer’s Studio of Columbus put on their final performance of the Nutcracker for the annual Nutcracker show at Columbus North High School in the Erne Auditorium. The performance was approximately 2 hours long with a brief intermission between the 2 acts. Featuring students from a myriad of levels, the show had performers of all ages, including two professional guest performers that starred in the show as the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Nutcracker Prince.

Sophomore and Newspaper staff writer Phoebe Hughel starred in the show as the Rat Queen in the first act and as a flower as part of the Dew Drop Fairy routine in the second act.  “We’ve been working on the Nutcracker since the beginning of October,” said Hughel after the show. All of the work seems to have paid off though according to attendee Karen Timmons, saying, “The show was amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t known about this before. I’ll definitely be coming back.”

Dancer’s Studio has been doing the Nutcracker show for years, and the twenty dollar tickets are worth it to many viewers, but the ten dollar tickets for students make it just a bit more affordable to younger viewers. Following the story of young aspiring dancer Clara, her newly gifted Nutcracker Doll fights off the Rat King, killing him, before turning into a handsome prince. The two then journey through the snow forest, eventually coming to the Angel Queens who give Clara a wonderful show for bringing back the prince. When Clara awakens, she attempts to tell her parents about all that occurred through the night, but they are convinced it’s naught but a dream.

The Dancer’s Studio does this show annually, so it will be back next year, ticket prices shouldn’t be changing, but prices are subject to change.