Kiss a Pig Fundraiser


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

February 12-16 2018, there was an opportunity to raise money for SHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Seven teachers, and three teacher “couples” were selected to help raise money, and possibly kiss a pig.  The standings in the contest were as follows:  first place, Mr. Boggs; second place, Mr. and Mrs. Cottrill; third place, Mr. Phillips; fourth place, Mr. and Mrs. Reasoner; fifth place, Mrs. Emery; sixth place, Mr. Perry; seventh place, Mr. Dennis; eighth place, Mr. and Mrs. Darling; ninth place, Mr. Cobb; and tenth place, Mr. Wilson. The total amount that was raised was $301.21 good job Owls! The winner for this fundraiser was Mr. Boggs who raised a total of $100.25.

Students went to the gymnasium to watch the annual basketball game of students versus staff, and then the big finale came. It was announced that Mr. Boggs had raised the most amount of money and had to kiss the pig. Students found much amusement at seeing either their swim coach, teacher, or their Seymour family member have to kiss a pig. Mr. Perry (raised $13.08) says, “Makenna Fee asked me to be a part of this so I decided to since the money is going to a good cause. I didn’t feel like it would be a big deal to kiss a pig.”

This money will go strictly to activities that involve all of the SHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Junior, Makenna Fee says, “The money we collected will go to the outside school events, like bonfires, Spring Hill activities, and just activities that will connect everyone in the club at a friendly atmosphere.” These activities can help bring people together and bring them closer to their beliefs.

This activity brought students together to help raise money, and get entertainment out of it also. Not only is the money going to a good cause, but it is also helping bring students together to share their faith and have fun while doing it. Thank you to all Seymour Owls who participated and helped raise the money.