Struggle for gun control

Grace Beach, Staff Editor

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Gun control or lack there of has spurred many debates in America. People for gun control think it’s the beginning of a solution, people against it think it’s a violation of their constitutional right to own a gun. It’s important to listen to both sides in any argument. Here is mine. 

People kill people. People with guns kill more people than people without guns. Guns are the reason multiple people can die in a shorter amount of time. Gun regulations and the process to get guns should be stricter and include a mental health test with annual checks. I’m proposing stricter background checks as well as a federal waiting period before getting the firearm in addition to the mental health checks and annual checks on the owner of the said firearm.

I am definitely not saying “let’s take away all guns” so calm down. I’m simply proposing that they be harder to access. I understand that “criminals won’t obey laws” but hey guess what? This makes it harder for them. What are they gonna do, just walk down to their local black market like it’s a farmer’s market and buy one? If it’s not registered and for some reason their house/car/apartment gets searched, they would go to jail. There’s another criminal with a firearm off the streets.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution states that every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms. The only firearms available in 1776 were only capable of firing 3-4 rounds in a minute. Even a semi-automatic weapon can fire as many times in a minute as a person can pull the trigger, especially with add-ons that can make it very near to a fully automatic weapon. These types of weapons were not what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote The Constitution. They had just gotten out of a war with an oppressive government and wanted the people to be able to defend themselves from another one should the need ever arise. A weapon that can theoretically fire 150 rounds in a minute shouldn’t be available to the public. Handguns? Sure, go ahead. Get your license, and we have no problem. Hunting rifles? Sure, go have fun. Get your license, and we have no problem. Regulations need to be put in place though. Something needs to be done. It isn’t right for children to be this afraid to be in what should be a safe learning environment. Don’t waste time placing the blame. Do something, because clearly just standing around waiting for a better solution isn’t working.