Abigail Voss Senior Feature

Megan Smith, Jr. Staff Writer

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Seniors here at Seymour High School and getting very close to closing in on their last year. Spring Break is coming up soon leading students into their last semester for this school year. Senior, Abigail Voss, has some advice to share with freshman.

“Start working hard now! Start studying, ask questions, get involved, and never stop laughing!” Abigail is involved in many school activities including: cross country, swimming, track, NHS, she volunteers at Anchor House and she is also a DARE role model.

Abigail’s favorite school memories involve participating in SHS Dance Marathons and competing in her sports. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Darlage because, “she is an awesome teacher and she teaches the material well. I loved medical terminology and I still remember the material.”

Her plans after high school are to attend Purdue University and to pursue Nursing. Her favorite musical artists are the Chainsmokers and Post Malone. Her favorite colors are gray and black, and her favorite place to chow down is China Buffet.

Abigail feels “excited to make new friends” when she is being exposed to the real world. She feels “tired of high school” and she hopes to “be more mature” and better herself. Her biggest inspiration is Dr. Ben Carson who is an American neurosurgeon, author, and politician. Abigail’s ultimate life goal is to become a better person.