Power Hour becomes Student Resource Time


Phoebe Hughel and Megan Smith

March 2, 2018, an announcement was made that Power Hour is going to have some changes. After first block, there will be a 30 minute Student Resource Time  (SRT) in each student’s homeroom class. Students must have a pass from a teacher to leave their class, go to other teachers to get help, or attend meetings. Students will operate now on a more traditional lunch day schedule. 

Both teachers and students have a variety of feelings on this Power Hour change. Some teachers and students are happy because power hour is not being used appropriately by many students, meanwhile some students are distraught because they aren’t the ones causing problems, and teachers use this time to have students makeup tests.

The assistant principal, Mr. Reasoner, is the person in charge of these new Power Hour changes. He decided to have 30 minutes added onto first block classes because the study time is important, and it is needed without the socialization aspect.

This 30 minutes is more structured than Power Hour; if it doesn’t work we will come up with something else instead of going back to the traditional schedule.”

— Mr. Reasoner

There remains a slim chance for the reinstatement of Power Hour. Seeing as how many students have behaved during it and the frequent wasting of the allotted time, it will be by some miracle if it is ever reinstated. However, should it return, it has been decided that anytime the schedule does not work, faculty will work hard to find a new schedule to give students an opportunity to get the help they need.

It seems that students are either completely for or against this new plan.

Junior Christian Lawhead says, “ I would rather have the new schedule than nothing but it won’t be the same. I don’t talk to a lot of people in my first and fifth period classes; it’s easier to talk to peers that you know for help.”

Even though this new plan is strict, there is still freedom that students are lucky to have. Technically, students still have Power Hour, but the only thing that is changing is how it is taking place, with some freedom from Power Hour now restricted going forward. If students begin, and continue to be on their best behavior, Power Hour may perhaps be reinstated fully in the future.

Below is what will be the new schedule that will be instated following Spring Break.


Block 1 : 8:30-9:54  (tone at 9:52 for POA and MOS)

SRT : 10:00-10:30

Block 3 : 12:04-2:02

First Lunch : 11:58-12:34

Class : 12:40-2:02


Class : 12:04-12:34

Second Lunch : 12:34-1:04

Class : 1:10-2:02


Class : 12:04-1:04

Third Lunch : 1:04-1:34

Class : 1:40-2:02


Block 4 : 2:08-3:30