Elliott Hughel living his dream


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

Leader, gamer, nerd, Eagle Scout, and proud Lutheran, Elliott Hughel is on the verge of graduating Seymour High School. He went to Zion for preschool and kindergarten, then he moved to Immanuel for his first through eighth grade years. He is currently attending Seymour High School, and for college he plans to attend IUPUI and get a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Hughel has spent his high school years supporting his fellow classmates, and working hard academically. His favorite classes are the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) classes. He recommends these classes to students that are intrigued by engineering, or would like to pursue engineering in their future. 

 Elliott’s parents are proud of him because he has achieved so much in his eighteen years of being alive. Stephanie Hughel (Elliott’s mom) says, “There are so reasons why I’m proud of him. He spent many years in Boy Scout’s and got his Eagle Scout, but I’m also proud of who he is as a person. He doesn’t change himself for anyone. He is himself no matter what, and I believe that that is a good quality. I’m proud he has the ability to be himself.”

Mr. Zaring, Hughel’s Freshman English teacher, reported, “I really liked that Elliot was not afraid of possibly getting a question wrong. He would actively participate in discussion and was a lot of fun. We also talk (still) about pop culture and our favorite movie “Christmas Vacation.””

Mr. Perry, Hughel’s Senior English teacher, states, ” Elliott has an ability to make people laugh.  My two classic memories I have of Elliott are when he broke my yardstick over my lectern in Advanced English “teaching up” some material and his wonderful hosting of his group’s TV talk show in speech class.”

Hughel’s number one goal is to have a job that he enjoys waking up and going to each day. At this point in his life he has had three different jobs. His first job was at Taco Bell, then Walmart, and now he is an intern at Cummins. He hopes to get more experience in his future and possibly get a full time job at Cummins.