Slaying Zombie Apocalypse Live

Grace Beach, Staff Editor

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On May 18th and 19th, Fear Fair will be hosting its annual Zombie Apocalypse Live, an interactive experience in which the player will be able to test their ability to survive the zombie apocalypse. Armed and dangerous, the player must survive the growling undead by shooting them with  provided guns. A certain number of shots per person will be allowed based on the type of tickets purchased at the door. Once inside, the player will go through the haunt “killing” any zombies they see, played by Fear Fair actors, all volunteers.

Also in the off season, Fear Fair has several other scares. Most recently, Slasherfest on Friday the 13th. This haunt was partially a tribute to the 80’s slasher and classic horror films. Featuring many “slashers” including a cannibalistic butcher and a female “Jack the Ripper”-esque murderer, the scares were cutting. It was a slice of heaven for any 80’s horror fan. With record pre-sale tickets, people were just dying to get in.

Before Slasherfest came “Love Bites,” a Valentine’s Day themed haunt filled with vampires and goblins in addition to the regular scares. Filled with grim vampires, gory victims, and gutsy customers, Love Bites is an annual favorite.

Another annual favorite is Krampus, a storyline based around the German opposite of Santa Claus. Krampus takes and eats naughty children, in stark contrast to Santa CLaus giving gifts to children who have been nice.

Find the link to the Krampus story here:

A story featuring the place where the magic happens:

Fear Fair is a non-profit organization that donates a lot of its money made to charities except for what is spent on costumes and props to keep the haunt running, and is run by volunteers. New volunteers must be 17, but any old volunteers that have been there since before the rule was made may be younger.

Fear Fair’s regular season runs from the last weekend in September through Halloween. The last weekend is always a Blackout event, meaning there are no lights in the haunt, and all customers are given flashlights.

Regular haunt: $20 or $25 FastPass

Special Nights: $25 or $30 for a FastPass