Q-Mix DJ Shares Personality with Perry’s Speech Class

Chloe Shepherd, Staff Writer

Every year, Mr. Perry’s speech classes present individual Personality Box Presentations. The presentation consists of five objects that represent and describe the person giving the presentation. So, when Mr. Perry found out he convinced Q-Mix DJ, Patra Jones, to come and speak to his fourth block Speech class, he knew exactly what he wanted her to talk about.

Patra Jones gave her own Personality Box Presentation. Her first object was a Bender, a character from Futurama, figurine. Her second object was a coffee mug gifted to her by a family member. The coffee mug has a poorly photoshopped picture from her favorite show, Community. Jones explained the significance of the mug by sharing that she needs a lot of coffee to function in the morning, and she cherishes the fact she received the gift from a family member. Another item she brought was a medal that she got for completing an obstacle course. Arguably the most important item she brought was the microphone. Jones explained that without the microphone there would be no show, and she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to speak to Perry’s speech class.

After the Personality Box Presentation, Jones answered questions from the students. She discussed weird call-ins, embarrassing moments, the word janky, and why she chose incredulous for the word-for-the-day. Perry does a word-for-the-day every day, and he thought it would be fitting for Jones to choose one for the day of her visit. She chose incredulous just to poke fun at a friend, Brian, who didn’t believe incredulous was a word.

Patra Jones’ visit to Mr. Perry’s Speech class has special timing. In 1998, another Q-Mix DJ, Paul Kenny, visited Mr. Perry’s English class at Brownstown Central High School. Jones’ visit landed on the 20th anniversary of Kenny’s visit. It was a special day at the high school for the students and a DJ.