Death Stranding – What Is Happening


Hideo Kojima is very secretive with his projects. Death Stranding is no exception. This is by far Kojima’s most mysterious project due to four teaser trailers that seem like they’re barely scratching the surface of what it has to offer. Trailer #1 starts with Norman Reedus’ character regaining consciousness on a beach riddled with dead whales, sardines, and crabs. Norman has very faint hand prints covering his body along with what looks like six metal trinkets  around his neck. As he sits up, he notices a baby crying next to him. He picks it up and holds it to his chest as he cries. After about ten seconds, the baby disappears and Norman looks to the sky to see five human silhouettes floating in unison.

In the second trailer, it starts with a rather nervous looking man holding a mysterious bag of black liquid. His surroundings include a war torn city, black mud, and a cloudy sky with a rainbow. The man approaches a tunnel to seek refuge as a tank with what looks like tentacles and a platoon of skeletons with WWII era American combat gear on patrol in the town. Down the tunnel, a red light flickers as four skeletons and Mads Mikkelson’s character course their way down the tunnel. Mads takes off his helmet and night vision goggles and they disappear as he removes them. The trailer ends with Mads glaring into your eyes with a fat grin on his face.

Trailer #3 and #4 include gameplay and puzzling hints at the plot but nothing giant. The initial release date should be expected soon and Hideo Kojima will have to spill the beans at some point. So whatever this giant mystery entails, it guarantees a unique experience.