Jordan Morey Inspires SHS Newspaper Class


Kylee Nowling, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 12, Jordan Morey, Sports Editor from The Tribune, paid a visit to the SHS Newspaper Class. He informed the class on what it’s like to cover the sports of five high schools and to train for a half marathon, all while meeting deadlines and following tight schedules.

Although Jordan has lived in Jackson County for the past three years, he is originally from upstate New York. After high school, he attended St. Bonaventure University where he pursued a degree that would fulfill his goals of writing. He hopes to work for the Pacers one day.

Over his years of writing for a handful of different places, Jordan has realized that expectations are always changing. Technology has become an increasingly important part of news coverage. Jordan is constantly posting to several different social medias with sports updates. Events both local and national are always updating and changing. Jordan and the rest of The Tribune staff have to find a unique way to bring these stories to readers daily. Jordan always tries to find the “human interest” story when he covers an event.

To be able to write new content daily and to connect with readers, writers, like Jordan, must be creative. To continue to have unique stories, Jordan has to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone. One way Jordan is doing this is by training for a half marathon and documenting his experience.

It is never too late to have goals and to chase them. We thank Jordan for his inspiration to the aspiring writers in the SHS Newspaper Class. Follow Jordan on Twitter @JordanAMorey