Jameela Jamil and Her Activism


Chloe Shepherd, Staff Writer

Actress and activist, Jameela Jamil, stars in the show “Good Place.” Even though she is a great actress, she is more known for her activism and her body-positive message. You can see Jamil across social media exposing celebrities for promoting toxic “weight-loss” products. You have probably noticed celebrities like the Kardashians promoting Fit Tea or waist trainers. Jamil likes to explain how awful these products are, and she calls for celebrities to be honest with their fans, specifically female fans.

Pop culture is known to prey on women’s opinion on their physical appearance. By photoshopping cellulite and promoting diet pills, our society pushes dangerous body image ideas into the mind of people, especially women and young girls. These celebrities who profit off the insecurity of others will continue to do so unless we stop them. Unless we unfollow, stop giving them money, and disregard these celebrities, they will continue to push toxic ideas and products into the hands of our girls. Jamil pushes her message about the toxicity of these products and celebrities, and the need to respect and love yourself and others.

Jameela spends her time trying to spread awareness of the harm our culture is doing to our children. She dealt with eating disorders throughout her life, and she continues to battle with her opinion on her image. She runs an Instagram called “@i_weigh” where she lets people share their battles, and it lets people see how valuable and worthy they are.

Jamil is a refreshing voice in the society we live in. Other body-positive activists include Ashley Graham @ashleygraham and Iskra @iskra, who are both plus-sized models. I suggest looking into Jameela Jamil’s message and her work.