FFA: Building Leaders and Giving Back


Charlotte Rust participates in a Seymour FFA parliamentary procedure practice.

Kirby Hill, Staff Writer

A couple a weeks ago, I noticed FFA members putting on activities during lunch to advertise FFA week.  In order to get a better grasp of FFA and what exactly the club is, I’ve asked an adviser, Mrs. Eppely, a few questions:

What is a general description of FFA?

“FFA is an organization for students who focus on leadership development and is within the world of agriculture.  You don’t have to have an Ag background to be in FFA. Leadership is needed in the industry that feeds and clothes the world.”

What do you expect of members?

“To challenge themselves as a person, strive to become a better leader, and give back to the community that supports them.”

What events do you do?

“A lot of contests. Judging different animals and resources, leadership contests, public speaking, parliamentary procedure team- this year our team went to state. [We have a] building at the county fair and 5th grade Ag day.”

When do you meet?

“We try to have a SRT meeting monthly (in room 102) and one night/fun activity a month to do things like play bingo and an ice cream party.”

What is FFA week?

“A week that all FFA clubs celebrate FFA. Chapters (different FFA clubs across the nation) host events in student and community development. For example, our district had a volleyball competition. You pay to play and your money is donated to a nonprofit organization chosen by the winners. Seymour FFA came in second and donated to Reigns to Recovery.”

If you’d like to join FFA contact Mrs. Eppely ([email protected]) or Ms. Wallace ([email protected]). To join you must be taking an Ag class, or you can do a work experience through FFA.