Seymour Baseball’s Victory Field Challenge

Carson Carpenter, Staff Writer

Every year Seymour Baseball has a week dedicated to the Victory Field Challenge. Coaches gather on a designated night the week before to draft teams. The players are divided equally among eight coaches with five players for every coach. After teams are selected, players learn whose team they’re on and who their teammates are. Once Monday comes around, it’s time for the challenge.

Each day has six events and is centered around something different. Days for the challenge are dedicated to the weight room, basketball, running, swimming, and CrossFit. These events can be quite challenging and demanding. They require resilience to keep pushing and to not let your teammates down.

The Victory Field Challenge is great for team bonding. It brings you closer as teammates especially when an event is physically demanding and you can’t let your team down. You’ve got to give it your all and fight through the pain to finish. You have to be there for your team when it’s your turn for the event or when you have a teammate struggling and you are there to cheer them up, pick them back up, and get them to the finish. That’s the glory in the Victory Field Challenge. It’s not about you, it’s about your teammates and being there for them when it counts the most.