Chloe Shepherd’s Empowerment Group


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

On March 14, 2019, Chloe Shepherd had held the first meeting for her club about empowerment in Magistra’s room. Chloe decided to start this group to teach women the power their voice has, and how they can use that voice to make positive changes not only for themselves, but for the community as well. She wants to show women how powerful and amazing they are and how they can help change how society views and treats women.

The sponsor for this club is Mag also known as Magistra (Mrs. Schneider). She was asked to be the sponsor of this club because Chloe believes she is kind, supportive, and helpful. Mag is someone Chloe looks up to and believes many other students do too. Mag is involved in helping students have ideas for posters, and discussion topics. She also joins in on the conversation and gives her opinions in the topic.

Chloe has many goals for this club. She states, “My goals are to educate girls about how they are treated in our community and society, to help teach girls to use their voice, and to make positive change in our school and community.” These goals do not only pertain to the members of the club, they include the entire student body. To start having a more positive environment, someone has to start by making that change. Chloe is trying to make this change by having this group and spreading ideas onto other students.

Planning weekly meetings can be hard at some points. For Chloe she uses activities she finds on the internet that relate to the topics that are to be discussed such as: body image and the double standard. Also, she wants the meetings to be very open and safe for people to discuss their thoughts, so there is a lot of talking. To get the talking started she usually starts the meeting off with a topic. Currently the club is making posters about body positivity, (These can be seen in the display case by room 126). After the posters are finished, she will be planning an activity relating to gender stereotypes/double standard.

Anyone is welcome to join the group. Meetings are the last purple day of the week (Thursday or Friday) during SRT in room 126. The club is not just for women, men are more than welcome to join too. The next meeting will be April 4, 2019.