Jeff Perry’s Advice for Students!

Robert Smith, Editor

Jeff Perry, brother of the meticulous Tim Perry, visited our school for an engaging and creative presentation about his job at Pet Safe. Their mission is to sell products that foster the love, protection, and bond between owner and pet. He has been working for Pet Safe for over twelve years and part of his job involves training others and selling to potential buyers. Their company was founded by young man who sold fencing and he grew it up to a sixty-five million dollar company. Below are some interview questions and answers from Mr. Jeff Perry.

How long have you worked for Pet Safe?

I did it for twelve years. It started at sixty million and now it’s over three-hundred million. I travel to big cities and I live outside of Fort Wayne towards the side of Columbia City.”

How are you enjoying Seymour?

I spend a lot of time down here because of Tim’s kids so I like it a lot, especially John Mellencamp.”

Do you have any advice for Seniors and in-coming Freshmen?

“Be on time, work hard, don’t make excuses. Those would be the three. If you show up and work hard that would be 80% of it. The habits you form now is what takes you through life. So if you stay in your own little worlds that is the same habits you will have going on in adulthood.

I went to work in retail as an apartment manager for six months and I got promoted to store manager because I showed up everyday and did the work that others didn’t.

Hard work and perseverance will get you far.”