SHS’ Varsity Chorale Attends Retreat in Martinsville

Group picture of Varsity Chorale.

Harrison Cottrill, Editor of Arts

Group picture of Varsity Chorale.
The victorious Soprano section huddled around the Varsity Chorale Section Championship trophy.
VC gathered around a campfire singing songs together.
The Bass section engaging in a dance routine.
The Varsity Chorale Section Championship trophy.
(From left to right) Leigha Butler, Amanda Massengale, Eliana Baker, Erin Otte, Samantha Bryant, and Mikayla Myers enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bradford Woods.

Over the weekend SHS’ top-performing choral ensemble, Varsity Chorale, traveled to Bradford Woods in Martinsville, Indiana; embarking on its first off-campus retreat during Kyle Karum’s tenure as director, it was a new experience for all students. The weekend included different workshops based on skills needed throughout the year such as dance, acting, vocal technique, and teambuilding.

Along with the different stations, there was a tournament among the sections to determine the winner of the ‘First Annual Varsity Chorale Section Competition.’ Points were earned from events like a meme-making competition, a rendition of ‘Varsity Chorale Family Feud,’ an all-out rock-paper-scissors tournament, and from various happenings around the camp. Coming out in first place was the Soprano section closely followed by the Bass and Alto sections; the proud but unsuccessful Tenor section brought up the rear.

Karum labeled this weekend as a very important step toward his overall goal of making the 2019-2020 Choral State Finals.
” ‘We are only a few steps away from getting there. With the personnel in this choir and the repertoire I chose for them, we have a legitimate chance. We can do it.’ “

The musicians in Varsity Chorale had a very productive weekend full of competition, bonding, and music-making. The next Varsity Chorale-exclusive event will be the Fall Musical, Mamma Mia!, on November 14, 15, and 16.