Fairly Oddparents Conspiracy Theory!

Kaytlyn Harris, Staff Writer

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One of the many theories regarding the Fairly Oddparents argues that Timmy Turner’s Fairly Godparents don’t exist – rather, they are just expressions of medication he’s taking for depression and anxiety. Cosmo and Wanda are classified as Zoloft and Prozac and even Jordan von Strangle and Juandisimo are believed to be other drugs, named steroids and Viagra. The anti-fairies are hard drugs like heroin, and the Pixies are placebos since they can’t perform magic. In one episode, Timmy was sent to Wish Rehab for over-wishing Cosmo and Wanda- a very clear reference to drug rehab. And lastly, a child can wish their fairies away if they say they are happy and don’t need their fairies anymore- just like a person on antidepressants who can choose to stop taking their drugs.