Retro Bill Comes to Town

Mallory Moore, Sports Co-Editor

On a lovely Friday afternoon, Seymour High School got the experience of a lifetime.  SHS welcomed Retro Bill from California. Retro Bill, a renowned motivational speaker, writer, producer, actor, artist and an animated voice figure, had positive messages to send. He encouraged SHS to stay focused on the prize, to believe in yourself, to believe in your hopes and dreams, to stay on a positive channel, that language is important, to not worry about the PAST or the FUTURE; instead, worry about the PRESENT,  and seek out adults in our school when you need help or need someone to talk to. The biggest message given was DO NOT LET ANYONE DIM YOUR LIGHT! We were glad to have him and hear his message as students should take into account his advice every day. Be your own light and be yourself! Thank you, Retro Bill!